A Container Ship Run Aground And Facing Serious Delays.

- Oct 01, 2018-

A large container ship belonging to France's CMA, called APL LOS ANGELES, suffered a serious grounding accident in fujian province, according to an official notice from France's CMA.

The notice said that although the container ship has been shallow on the 25th, but the ship was seriously damaged by inspection!

The latest information shows that the container is still in fujian sea area at present, and according to the original planned shipment date of the shipping company, APL LOS ANGELES should arrive at the Manila port of the Philippines tomorrow (28th), the shipment delay situation may be very serious!

As a professional rubber supplier, Shenyang Sunnyjoint Chemicals Co., Ltd. would suggest customers who carry the ship from Shanghai, Qingdao, dalian and tianjin need to pay special attention!