Accelerator MBS/NOBS:

- Dec 26, 2018-

Accelerator TMTD:

  1. It can be replaced by TBZTD (tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide), which has better scorch safety and anti-reversion property; TBZTD name is tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide, abbreviated as TBZTD. This product is a newly developed thiuram accelerator, which can replace TMTD (tetramethyl disulfide thiuram). It can be used as a rapid vulcanization main accelerator or accelerator for natural rubber, butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. The processing is safer and has a longer scorch time than TMTD. Due to its high molecular weight, high melting point and difficulty in decomposition, TBZTD does not produce nitrosamines. In particular, TBZTD only has a slightly lower vulcanization rate than TMTD. Other physical properties are almost the same as TMTD, and it has become a thiuram with great development potential. A new variety of vulcanization accelerators.


  · Vulcanizing agent DTDM:

  1. DTDC (N, N'-dithiocaprolactam) can be used instead, which has a white crystal form, melting point of 120-122 ° C, and active sulfur mass fraction greater than 0 19 . Replace the vulcanizing agent DTDM with the same amount without changing the formulation and process of the compound. Like the vulcanizing agent DTDM, the vulcanizing agent DTDC can replace sulfur in whole or in part to form an effective or semi-effective vulcanization system. Since the vulcanizing agent DTDC can release active sulfur under normal vulcanization conditions, and the added sulfur forms a monosulfide bond and a disulfide bond between the rubber molecules, the rubber vulcanization network structure can impart excellent heat resistance and compression resistance to the vulcanizate. Sex and high tensile stress. The vulcanizing agent DTDC also has the characteristics of no frosting, safe coke burning and fast vulcanization speed. It is the best vulcanizing agent for large model rubber products such as tires, heat-resistant rubber products, sanitary rubber products and colored rubber products.


  2. Alkylphenol disulfide (VULTAC-5) can be used instead of alkylphenol disulfide, which is suitable for use in systems with different polarities and white sidewalls.


  3. A fatty based polysulfide can be used instead.