Advantages Of Solvent Method MBT

- Mar 13, 2019-

Rubber accelerator MBT (chemical name is 2-thiobenzothiazole) is not only an important rubber accelerator, but also an important intermediate for the synthesis of other accelerants. It is the parent material for the synthesis of other after-effects promoters, such as thiazole and sulfonamide, such as rubber accelerant DM,CZ,NS,MZ, and so on, which are all derived from the parent MBT..

Solvent method can solve the wastewater problem fundamentally, and it is the development direction in the future. Especially, the development of new solvent, which is environmentally friendly, safe and efficient, will be the most important one. The key to the cleaning process of accelerator MBT is to improve the yield of the reaction and reduce the emission of the three wastes by studying the reaction kinetics and adjusting the catalytic system. Develop solvent refining route instead of acid-alkali method, eliminate the production of salt-containing wastewater, improve the quality of products and meet the requirements of national standards.

With the increasing attention to environmental protection in our country, manufacturers and scientific research institutions will pay more attention to solvent method M, and the most suitable process will appear sooner or later, so that the clean production of M will be realized. For the long-term development of rubber auxiliaries industry lay a solid foundation!