Alibaba Announced Cooperation With Thailand To Sell Rubber

- Jan 07, 2019-

Recently, according to the official of the Natural Rubber Administration of Thailand, it has received a proposal from Alibaba Group, a large-scale e-commerce platform in China. Alibaba said it will help Thailand to build a real-time trading platform for rubber online.

According to the rubber shelf trading plan submitted by Alibaba, Chinese buyers and Thai sellers can directly trade through the trading platform without involving third parties. The platform will provide fair and transparent and fast transaction payment experience for buyers and sellers.

Thai officials said that the two sides will further discuss specific cooperation methods and models in the future. According to Alibaba's estimation, the newly built rubber trading platform can complete more than 200,000 tons of rubber trading volume per year.

Thai industry sources said that Thailand is the world's largest rubber exporter, and China is Thailand's largest export market for rubber. The online platform will not only help Thai rubber to open sales outlets, but also provide convenience for Chinese buyers to purchase rubber. The rubber farmers cooperatives and Chinese rubber companies are a win-win situation.