All Series Rubber Additive Price Tighten

- Oct 17, 2017-

"Rubber industry will be the future development of oligarchs, industry concentration will be strengthened, large enterprises will have a stronger pricing." Insiders said that environmental pressures are increasing, environmental costs are rising, business only Through the price to enhance the digestion, and then stack the lack of production capacity, a short period of time the price of rubber chemicals will still be on the rise.

And fine chemical industry as many branches, rubber chemicals industry, many products this year also set off a wave of price tide. "Raw material prices, environmental protection caused by limited production capacity, the downstream demand increases, is the main reason for this wave of price increases." An industry source pointed out.   
Up and down the attack product prices rose

Rubber chemicals is a chain of rubber industry chain, the upstream raw materials mainly correspond to salt chemical industry, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, its downstream mainly used in the tire industry, market demand accounted for about Qi Cheng, tape, rubber shoes, Then occupy the remaining share.

From the raw material side, all kinds of raw materials, aniline share of the largest share, directly used in the manufacture of accelerators, antioxidants and so on. Other raw materials for the production of antioxidants such as diphenylamine, aminodiphenylamine, etc., are also aniline as raw material production. Therefore, the trend of aniline prices on the impact of rubber additives products significant.

Reporters learned through the query, since September 2016, aniline prices will enter the rapid rise in the cycle, to May this year, its market price from 6,000 yuan / ton soared to 10,000 yuan / ton. Although then at the end of July once the rapid decline to 7,500 yuan / ton, but after entering in August, the price soared again, once again touch the high million mark.

It is worth mentioning that the main production base of aniline in Shandong recent environmental pressure, many small and medium-sized aniline production enterprises were forced to stop production. In addition, the superposition of Shandong large-scale aniline production enterprises downtime detection, load production and other factors, the overall industry operating rate decreased significantly.

From the downstream point of view, nearly 70% of rubber additives for tire production, its market demand depends mainly on the tire market. Tire executives told reporters that tire production this year, steady growth in the first half of the total output to achieve more than 7% growth. Since August, a number of tire companies have raised tire ex-factory price. In the short term, into the 8,9 month, the tire industry will face seasonal demand season, the downstream demand for rubber additives is expected to steadily improve.

From the inventory point of view, rubber additives this year has been in low inventory operation. Rubber industry semi-annual report shows that this year in March and April, the backbone of the majority of zero inventory situation, to 6,7 months, some companies began to zero inventory, the second half of the majority of enterprises is expected to be " Zero stock, stable supply”