Analysis On The Technology Of Rubber Auxiliaries

- Aug 16, 2017-

In recent years, China's rubber additives industry development is also very fast, especially some foreign companies into this field, China's rubber additives no matter in quantity, quality or technology content has a great improvement, basically can meet the needs of China's rubber industry. However, suitable for high performance radial tire of some of the less dosage, good quality, high performance of the rubber additives also need to import. Therefore, China's rubber additives industry to increase scientific and technological investment, and strive to innovate, and actively develop a new type of rubber auxiliaries suitable for the development of China's tire industry. Of course, to complete this task, the tire industry has an unshirkable responsibility. Therefore, we hope that tire enterprises, rubber auxiliaries enterprises and Rubber Research Institute to actively join hands to strengthen cooperation and common development of the road, as soon as possible to shorten the gap between China's rubber auxiliaries and foreign rubber additives. In the rubber additives industry, is also actively developing nano-zinc oxide, nano-carbon black, nano-calcium carbonate, such as nano-grade rubber additives, to improve the quality of rubber materials, improve tire performance is very beneficial. In short, China's rubber auxiliaries must have high-tech content, in order to be in the fierce market competition in an invincible position.