Asia's First! Super Million Square Meters Of Rubber Asphalt Pavement In Beijing Pavement

- Jul 23, 2019-

Recently, rubber asphalt made from waste tires has been paved to more than 60 major roads in the Yizhuang Development Zone in Beijing. With the launch of Rongchang West Street recently, the total area of rubber asphalt pavement in Yizhuang Development Zone has reached 2 million square meters.

Waste tires are called "black pollution." Direct combustion of waste tires can produce carcinogens such as dioxins and heavy metal pollutants such as zinc, cadmium, nickel and lead. “Washing used tires into rubber powder and adding modifiers to rubber asphalt paving is an environmentally friendly process that not only achieves waste recycling, but also improves driving comfort and road life.” Rubber Asphalt Supply Ding Jian, head of Shanglanpai Company, introduced. According to estimates, the environmental protection work in the development zone has “shopped” 2.73 million waste tires on the road, avoiding the pollution of the atmosphere by means of incineration, equivalent to saving 123,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 307,000 tons.

Yizhuang Development Zone has become the first region in Asia to promote the use of rubber asphalt of up to one million square meters. In September last year, South Africa held the International Rubber Asphalt Foundation and the International Rubber Asphalt Conference. The Organizing Committee awarded the International Environmental Protection Gold Award to the Infrastructure Office of the Development Zone. This is the first time the Asian region has won this award. In addition, the organizing committee also established the development zone as the only environmental road demonstration zone in Asia.

At present, in addition to the Yizhuang Development Zone, the Jingli Expressway to the World Expo and the internal roads of Beijing Daxing International Airport have used rubber asphalt with waste tires as a raw material.