Baling Petrochemical Rubber Department's 13 Technical And Economic Indicators Are The Best In History

- Jan 10, 2019-

On January 9th, it was learned from the Rubber Department of Baling Petrochemical Company that in 2018, the Ministry carried out the “Fine Management Year” activities in depth, and many measures were taken simultaneously. The 13 major raw material consumption indicators all completed the planned values, all of which reached the best level in history and saved materials. More than 16 million yuan.

The annual output of 200,000 tons of thermoplastic rubber SBS is the largest single unit in the department. In the past year, the Ministry has implemented the exhaust gas recovery and transformation of the plant. After the system is put into use, the recovery volume of the air release body such as the polymerization kettle, the flash tank, and the glue tank is increased. The SBS device achieved full annual compliance, and the monomer consumption and device energy consumption were at the leading level among similar devices in the country. Among them, solvent consumption decreased by 0.62 kg, and the annual cost savings was 660,000 yuan.

The Ministry also modified the polymerized hydrogenation and venting system of the thermoplastic rubber SEBS unit, which reduced the possibility of cross-linking between polymerization and hydrogenation, and eliminated the unorganized emission at the site of the polymerization hydrogenation unit and reduced the consumption of cyclohexane. The polypropylene device periodically cleans the inner wall of the polymerization vessel by high-pressure water to improve the heat exchange effect of the polymerization vessel and reduce the plasticized block produced every day in the large polymerization vessel.

The Department also uses the continuous improvement work platform to carry out continuous improvement projects. In view of the problems of operational safety hazards and short continuous operation period in the test process of the hydrogen rubber tail gas recovery system of the thermoplastic rubber SIS device, they established a continuous improvement project of “hydrogen venting recovery”, strengthened management based on the optimized process, and established a recycling device periodically. Open the parking system, increase the operating rate, and extend the time for the recovery device to run with load. After the implementation of the project, the hydrogen consumption of the SIS unit decreased significantly, and the annual cost was saved by 1.1 million yuan compared with the previous year.

The ministry also organizes small-scale labor competitions in various installations, taking the best indicators of peers as the benchmark, as the basis for assessment, determining the cost management objectives and decomposing them into positions, strengthening the awareness of cost reduction for front-line employees, and inspiring meticulous operations. The qualification rate of indicators will promote the improvement of technical and economic indicators.