Based On The Automobile And Tire Production From January To May 2019, The Demand Of Rubber Additives Is Predicted

- Jun 26, 2019-

Automobile and tire are two industries that consume large amounts of rubber additives, among which tires consume about 70%. The demand of tires and other automobile rubber accessories depends on the output and quantity of automobiles. On average, each car has more than 100 rubber accessories, the number of more than 200, the consumption of rubber can reach 60 kg, and the development of tires, cars directly determines the demand for rubber additives.

According to the production of automobiles and tires from January to May 2019, the data both decline, which will have some impact on the demand of rubber and related industries. It is expected that the demand of rubber additives will weaken in recent months. In addition, summer is the traditional off-season of rubber industry, the operating rate will decrease, and the demand for raw materials will weaken accordingly.

Total output of automobiles decreased by 14.1%

From January to May 2019, China’s automobile production reached 10.179 million units, down 14.1% year on year. The highlight is that the production of new energy vehicles continues to maintain a rapid growth trend, the production of new energy vehicles finished 480000 units, compared with the same period last year, respectively increased by 46.0%.

Total production of fetus decreased by 2.4%

From January to February 2019, the total production of rubber tires totaled 11.1218 million down 7.3%.

In March 2019, the total output of rubber tire outtires nationwide was 76.393 million, tataling 187.004 million, up 4% year-on-year and down 4.3% accumulatively.

In April 2019, the total output of rubber tires was 73.758 million, 333.767 million, up 0.2% year on year and down 2.4%.