Bridgestone And Yokohama Rubber Prices Have Risen

- Jun 24, 2019-

Yokohama Rubber said recently that it will raise the price of tires sold in the Japanese domestic market, starting from August 1, and the price increase will be 3%.

Previously, Bridgestone also announced the implementation of tire price increases.

China Rubber Network found that the price increase of Yokohama Rubber includes all types of tires except agricultural tires, including tires for cars and vans, tires for small trucks and buses, tires for trucks, tires for construction and mining vehicles. Tires for industrial vehicles, etc.

Yokohama Rubber said that the reason for the price increase was due to the increase in labor shortage and logistics-related costs, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future. The rise in logistics-related costs is one of the reasons for the price increase, and it is the first time in the company.

Yokohama Rubber believes that although many measures have been taken, such as improving logistics efficiency to reduce production costs, it is difficult to resolve this problem solely by the company's own efforts, so it decided to raise prices.