Butadiene Rubber

- Feb 07, 2019-

Butadiene rubber is commonly known as cis-rich butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber as raw material, by nickel naphthenate as catalyst, synthesis, generated by solution polymerization is industrialized earlier, mature technology of general synthetic rubber varieties, and has excellent abrasion resistance, good flexing resistance, high resilience, small hysteresis loss, low heat, good low temperature performance characteristics;Widely used in the manufacture of tire tread, side tire body, also used in the manufacture of rubber tape, rubber hose and other industrial products, but its characteristics are low tear strength, wet slip resistance is not good, cold flow phenomenon of raw rubber.

Structure of rare earth butadiene rubber content is higher, narrow molecular weight distribution, do not contain branched and gel, therefore has the environmental security, convenient processing, using the production of rubber mixing rubber () have a higher fatigue resistance and crack growth and cutting resistance, wear resistance, is used in the manufacture of green tire sidewall and the ideal raw material, made of the tire rolling resistance lower, at the same time can reduce tire wear.