Changes Of Rubber Additives Market In China And American In 30 Years

- May 28, 2019-

1. The United States in 1988 rubber accelerator production is the world’s first

1.1 Dominate the market of rubber additives

In 1988, the United States is the world’s largest car owners, is the largest tire producer, the world’s first rubber consumption, rubber accelerator production also ranked first in the world. In 1988, the United States consumed 2.88 million tons of rubber, and produced 160000 tons of rubber additives (including 38000 tons of accelerators and 100000 tons of anti-aging agents).

1.2 There are many factories for rubber auxiliaries

More than 20 factories, the production of nearly 200 varieties of rubber additives. The main varieties are benzothiazole accelerators and p-phenylenediamine anti-aging agents. The yield of thiazole sulfonamide products is the largest, accounting for 72% of the accelerators. Amine anti-aging agent accounted for 61%. Top 5 rubber accelerator factories: 1. Monsanto 50000 tons, 2. Goodyear 42000 tons, 3. Guttridge 20000 tons, 4. Uniroy 19000 tons, 5. Moby 16000 tons.

1.3 Research direction of rubber additives

The United States is very active in the research of rubber additives, there are a large number of patent literature published every year, the synthesis of all kinds of literature found that the main research direction of the United States additives are : first, research performance of excellent rubber additives; Secondly, research on toxicity and production safety should be emphasized. Third, improve the rubber processing industry production efficiency.

At that time, China’s rubber additives industry was in the beginning stage of development in the 1980s, which was in sync with China’s economic and auto industry development. But the rubber auxiliary agent factory, the output, the variety, the research are not many, the production also concentrates in shenyang, tianjin, jiangsu, henan and so on.