Characteristics And Main Varieties Of Various Promoters

- Jul 08, 2019-


Thiazole (acid) accelerator vulcanization speed, vulcanization curve flat, vulcanized rubber comprehensive performance, good aging resistance, wide application, suitable for natural rubber and various synthetic rubber, and acid carbon black, and furnace carbon black with attention to the risk of burning.

Main varieties: promoters M, DM, MZ


2. Subsulfonamides

Sub-sulfonamide accelerators and thiazoles in the same place is the same accelerator group, but than thiazoles more than a coke base and activated groups.The promoters are acidic and the activated groups are alkaline, so the secondary sulfonamide promoters are a kind of acid and base self-use promoters, which have the advantages of thiazole promoters and overcome the disadvantages of short burning time.Its characteristics

(1) long induction period, fast vulcanization, flat vulcanization curve and good comprehensive properties of vulcanized rubber;

(2) it should be compatible with furnace carbon black, which has sufficient safety and is conducive to the full flow of pressing, calendering and molding compound;

(3) suitable for high temperature rapid vulcanization and thick product vulcanization;

(4) an activated sulfonamide vulcanization system was formed by combining with an acid accelerator.

Main varieties: accelerator CZ, NOBS, NS (TBBS), DZ


3. Chulam class

Qiulam promoters are composed of two active groups and two promoters, so they have fast curing speed and short burning time.Special attention should be paid to the burning tendency during application.

Main varieties: promoter TMTD, TMTM, TRA


4. Dithiocarbamates

Dithiocarbamate promoters have a faster vulcanization rate than thiuram promoters and are an ultra-fast acid promoters.Its induction period is very short, used for room temperature vulcanization and latex products vulcanization, also used for butyl rubber, epdm vulcanization, it gives vulcanized rubber excellent aging resistance.

Main varieties: promoter PX, ZDC, ZDMC


5, guanidine class

Guanidine promoters are active groups, without promoters and other functional groups, so the curing start is slow, the operation safety is good, the curing speed is slow.Suitable for curing thick products and increasing the constant stretching stress of sponge.Guanidine promoters tend to make products aging crack, have color pollution.

Main varieties: accelerator D (DPG)


6. Thioureas

Thiourea promoters have low catalytic efficiency and poor scorch resistance. Except for neoprene used for promoting and cross-linking, other rubber is rarely used.

Main varieties: promoter na-22 (ETU)


7. Aldehydes

Aldoamine promoters are condensation of aldehydes and amines. They are weak alkaline promoters with slow vulcanization and no burning risk. They are commonly used as secondary promoters and in combination with other promoters.

Main varieties: promoter H


Xanthic acids

Xanthogenic acid accelerator is a kind of super fast grade acid accelerator, its vulcanization rate is faster than that of dithiocarbonate, except for low temperature glue and latex industry use, generally do not use.