China Price Situation

- Sep 29, 2017-

During the 17th China international rubber technology fair, held from 20 to 22 September, during the visit to the tire enterprises, reporters learned that since this year, the prices of raw materials such as rubber additives, carbon black and other raw materials increased, and often did not get enough quantities to supply the " panic" to the point, worried about not to ensure the normal production of production.  The reporter interviewed on the related raw materials enterprises, understand that this year's market has reversed, before the raw material enterprises chased the tire factory supply, now tire enterprises are actively contacting the material enterprises to ensure the supply.  So, what is the cause of tension in the supply of raw materials?  Can the raw materials of tire ensure stable supply? 

The two big reasons lead to the tight price of raw materials

" since the beginning of the year, the price of rubber additives has generally increased, basically about 30 %, individual products up to 50 %.  " one rubber promoter said: this is mainly for two reasons, one is the increase in the price of raw materials used in the production of additives;  Second, the enterprise operating rate is insufficient, the industry operating rate is maintained at 70 %, resulting in the imbalance of resource supply and demand.

Raw materials aniline stabilized in the first quarter of this year, but with the increase of environmental intensity, the upstream enterprise began to cut production in the second quarter. the price increased from RMB 8,400 yuan ( ton price, the same below ) to the current level of 10,900 yuan, up by 29.76 %, resulting in shortage of supply.  Again, liquefied oxygen is the cleanest oxidant for rubber assistant, mbts and other products. in the past 600  ̄ 800 yuan is normal, and rarely breaks through 1000 yuan in history. however, the use of natural gas for environmental protection in iron and steel enterprises, the excessive use of liquefied oxygen in may ~ August, caused unprecedented market tension, the price also increased to 2800 yuan.

In addition, the most recent month the production of dcbs hexylamine raw materials for environmental protection factors factory large area shutdown, the price from $ 12, 000 to 19, 000 yuan, the auxiliary enterprises will not be delivered.  " raw material carbon disulfide rises 70 %, from 3500 yuan to 6000 multivariate, and is still rising!  In recent years, the price of silica raw materials such as soda ash and sodium silicate has also been affected. in July, the price of soda has increased by 60 %, which has a great impact on production.  ”