China Rubber Association Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Ninth General Assembly And Industry Development Forum Was Held In Shaoyang, Hunan

- Dec 05, 2018-

From November 28th to 30th, the 9th General Assembly of China Rubber Association's Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization and Industry Development Forum was held in Shaoyang, Hunan Province. The conference focused on the current environmental security situation and standard system with the theme of “Strengthening confidence and sinking into physical and mental transformation”. The revision and implementation, the industry's transition to automation and intelligent transformation, the development of reclaimed rubber and rubber products and the application of downstream tires, and the process of industrialization of new technologies and new technologies were discussed and exchanged.

Ni Xuewen, chairman of the 9th Council of the Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch and chairman of Nantong Huili Rubber Co., Ltd., said that in the new era of socialism, the domestic economy has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. In 2018, with the increasing demand for environmental protection, a large number of small and scattered enterprises in the waste rubber industry ushered in the fate of shutting down or stopping. The production of recycled rubber has declined for the first time in 10 years. It is estimated that the national output will decrease by 400,000 tons this year. .

Under the background of the continuous increase in the production of waste rubber tires, the disposal rate of used rubber continues to decrease, and the situation is not optimistic. In the face of tremendous changes, the industry must maintain its strength and must strengthen its confidence in development. Starting from basic research, sink down and do a little systematic engineering to achieve all-round improvement and remodeling of equipment, technology, management, market application, and development concepts, and substantially change the development of the industry to achieve green and environmental protection. , security and intelligent transformation.

Gui Chunfang, president of the Hubei Building Waterproof Coil Association, delivered a speech, saying that in the future, the application of reclaimed rubber powder in SBS rubber powder modified asphalt waterproof coil products will be increased.

Lu Zhiqiang, senior engineer of Tianjin Environmental Protection Research Institute, gave a report on the road of green development of rubber products. He analyzed the discharge of recycled rubber and introduced the current environmental standards and prospects, the discharge permit system and its implementation.

Fan Rende, Honorary President of China Rubber Industry Association, gave a report on the intelligent manufacturing technology and development path of waste rubber utilization industry, analyzed the new ideas and new trends of intelligent manufacturing, and conducted the urgency and development path of smart manufacturing in the waste rubber industry. Looking forward to solving quality, efficiency and environmental issues.

Zhu Hong, deputy secretary-general of China Rubber Association and director of the Technical and Economic Committee, made a report on the status quo and existing problems of China's waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry, and publicized the group standard of "E-type recycled rubber", emphasizing the implementation of high standards and promoting the industry. Transforming and upgrading, green development, promoting the popularity and promotion of applications in downstream tires and other industries.

Dr. Hu Houbao from Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. gave a report on the management model of waste tires abroad and its enlightenment to China. It is learned that in 2017, GM implemented a green supply chain system for the tire industry in 30 secondary suppliers of two tire companies. The application of recycled rubber in semi-steel tires has been established.

In order to enhance the influence of the company and form an industry technology equipment innovation boom, the conference commended and awarded the benchmarking companies such as 11 “Most Influential Enterprises” and 7 “Innovative Enterprises” in 2018.

The conference attracted domestic and foreign enterprises from the comprehensive utilization of used tires and supporting machinery and equipment, raw material oils and additives, downstream waterproofing coils, tires, tires, rubber shoes, as well as related environmental experts such as national environmental protection research institutes and automobile manufacturing enterprises. More than 130 people attended the meeting.

The delegates visited Shaoyang Black Gem Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. The person in charge of the Shaoyang Economic Development Zone, where the company is located, said that it will open an industrial park with an area of 2 square kilometers, attracting more waste rubber comprehensive utilization enterprises to invest and build factories.