China:Surprising Gift Made From Scrap Tire

- Jan 09, 2018-

A father in China made a small sofa and trampoline to his daughter using nylon cord and the Bridgestone tires he replaced.His daughter likes it very much.

A scrap tire can also be used as a lovely flowerpot.

Now waste tires are mainly used to make reclaimed rubber. Physical preparations do not change the molecular structure, the tires are ground into powder for asphalt paving. The products with physical preparation cannot be added to the new rubber because cross-linking does not occur There are also chemical preparation changes molecular structure by the reduction reaction. This kind of product can be used in new rubber to reduce costs. At present, there is a huge quantity of reclaimed rubber made from wasted tires in China. Reclaimed rubber products generally have a smell like cheap slippers sold in the supermarket.

According to statistics, China's annual waste tires generated by 8% -10% rate of increase. In 2010, China's waste tire production reached about 250 million, while the recycling rate was only about 50%, resulting in a huge waste of resources.