Cleaner Production Of MBT-solvent Method

- Mar 12, 2019-

The cleaner production of MBT has also become a hot and difficult point in the rubber auxiliary industry in recent years. The solvent method is used in M cleaning process, and the organic solvent is used instead of the original alkali dissolution, acid precipitation and other processes. The original production of 1 ton M to dilute alkali solution, dilute sulfuric acid and process water a total of more than 20 tons, now become no use of water solvent. Do not carry water naturally do not produce waste water, truly achieve the goal of source treatment. Based on the domestic annual output of 200000 tons M, if popularized in the whole industry, the annual waste water production can be reduced by 4 million tons, and the discharge of COD,BOD, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants can be greatly reduced, the environmental pollution can be reduced, and the human society can be protected. Environment, promote the sustainable development of enterprises!

But now most of the solvent method M is not as good as the acid-base method, and the application effect is obviously not as good as the acid-base method M, This is also a problem that needs to be solved while cleaning production. More than 70% of solvent method M is also used in post-production accelerator DM,CZ,NS,MZ and other products