Cleaner Production Of MBT-solvent Method

- Mar 12, 2019-

Accelerator MBT (M) is the most productive product of rubber vulcanization accelerator. The advantage of acid-base method M is good quality, high purity and good application effect of rubber products. However, at present, there are some problems such as high consumption of raw materials and serious environmental pollution in the acid-base M production process, which is widely used in our country. The wastewater produced has the characteristics of high salinity, high pollutant concentration and difficult degradation, and the wastewater treatment is difficult. The waste water of 1 ton M produced by this method is more than 20 tons, of which sodium sulfate is about 0.6 tons and COD is more than 4000mg/L. At the same time, the problem of waste gas and waste residue is also existed in the process of producing M by acid-base process, and the main waste gas is the waste gas. If H _ 2S, the waste residue is mainly the by-product of the synthesis process, and the by-product accounts for about 15% of the total amount of the synthesis.