Cognition Of Rubber Predispersible Masterbatch

- May 14, 2019-

Rubber additives masterbatch is a very promising rubber raw materials, this technology is to make the high dosage of additives (especially hard to disperse inorganic) with low dosage of raw rubber, and a small amount of softening oil and dispersant through specific mixing, dispersion and granulation process, additives to disperse in rubber forming rubber additives in advance masterbatch products. 

Compared with the traditional powder additives, According to Shenyang Sunnyjoint,the pre-dispersed masterbatch has the following advantages:

1, dust free.This can ensure the environmental protection of our production environment and the health of our staff.

2, easy to weigh

3. Excellent dispersion

4. Reduced rejection rate due to filtration, including good compatibility with polar and non-polar rubber. 

The formula of pre-dispersible masterbatch consists of chemical additive, adhesive, modifier and processing additive.75%~80% are chemical auxiliaries, the rest are carriers or auxiliary auxiliaries.Here the carrier is also some of the main polymer materials, such as chemical AIDS are mainly vulcanization AIDS, vulcanization promoters and so on;In the aspect of carrier selection, we mainly consider and select from the effect of granulation to check the impact of rubber products. Currently, SBR, EPDM, EVA, NBR and so on are the common choices.In our research, we mainly integrate the adhesive and modifier into the adhesive system.Processing AIDS are mainly to ensure the masterbatch in the process of good dispersion. 

When it comes to the principle and method of dispersion masterbatch, the principle mainly refers to the principle of powder granulation: powder granulation refers to the process of bonding fine powder particles into large particle aggregates through the external pressure and the interaction between particles.The connection between powder particles mainly includes the adsorption between solid particles, and the mutual diffusion between the surface of solid particles, adhesives or softeners, and the mechanical bonding force on the surface of solid particles. On the basis of these theories, we develop targeted products with our own characteristics.