Curing System Auxiliaries

- Mar 28, 2019-


The accelerators mainly include thiazole, sulfonamide, thiuram, guanidine and disulfide carbamate.With the deepening and improvement of environmental awareness, a variety of accelerators have become the object of restriction due to their toxicity and pollution.

The accelerators of hyposulfonamide were TBBS (NS), TBSI, CBBS and CBS (CZ).The substitute of thiuram accelerator was TBzTD, etc.The accelerators of dithiocarbamate are mainly ZBEC (DBZ).The alternative varieties of promoter DTDM and OTOS were mainly Duralink HTS and perkalink-900.

At present, the commonly used accelerators in China are CBS and TBBS, the dosage of which accounts for more than 36% of the total dosage of accelerators in China.The dosage of accelerator MBT, MBTS (DM), CBS and TBBS accounted for more than 70% of the total dosage of accelerator in China.

The accelerator TBzTD has long burning time, good processing safety and can replace the accelerator TMTD and TETD and other thiuram accelerators.The accelerator TBSI has the characteristics of prolonging the coking time and slowing down the vulcanization rate in the rubber, which can obviously improve the anti-vulcanization and resetting performance of NR.ZBEC can be used as NR, SBR, EPDM, natural latex and synthetic latex.Diphenyl guanidine accelerator DPG (D) is mainly used as a accelerator of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The addition of accelerator DPG in the rubber material filled with high silica black can significantly reduce the Mooney viscosity of blended rubber and increase the vulcanization rate.