Do You Know All About Cutting Off Customs, Ports And Orders?

- Jun 06, 2019-

We often encounter the three confusing terms of "cut off", "cut off port" and "cut off order". So, what is "cut off order"?Cut the port?Cut off?What is their time?

What is cut-off order?Cut the port?Cut off?

Cut-off: refers to the time point when the shipping company is due to submit or modify the b/l sample, including AMS, ENS, VGM, etc., after which there will be late cut-off fee or amendment fee.Each shipping company's route is likely to be different.

Cut-off port: refers to the closing time of container collection at the port. Before this time, containers loaded with goods can enter the port or warehouse, after which they cannot enter the port again.Sometimes it is also called the cut-off heavy cabinet, which is displayed as CY cutoff or CY closing.

Customs cut-off: refers to the time of customs clearance and release. The goods must be declared and released before this time, and the customs release slip should be submitted to the shipping company.If a customs release slip is submitted after this time, the shipping company will not allow the goods to board the ship as they are not cleared.

Note: each shipping company has different closing time. Some shipping companies will close the ship 7 hours in advance and some will close the ship 2 days before ETD.As a freight forwarder, it is easy to encounter the situation that the clearance time is longer than the clearance time. Therefore, before making boxes, the shipping company should ask when the clearance time will be.General telephone calls go, shipping company can tell you directly.Don't just look at the closing time of the port area. If you make the boxes according to that, 60% will be delivered.

About the time when customs clearance, order clearance and port clearance are completed

Customs clearance and port clearance: generally 1-2 days before the ship leaves.If it is bulk cargo, generally 5-7 days in advance.

Cut off order: there is no standard for this time, different shipping companies are different, some in the sailing day, some within a week of sailing.