Dongying City Sound, Within Four Years To Complete The Elimination Of Backward Production Capacity

- Nov 28, 2018-

On November 21, the implementation plan for the major project of converting old and new drivers of energy in dongying was officially released. The rules require relevant departments in dongying to accelerate the major project of converting old and new drivers of energy and complete the phased task of eliminating outdated production capacity by 2022.

Dongying city clearly pointed out that the quality and efficiency of industrial development in this region is not high, it mentioned that the traditional industries such as rubber tires, oil industry and so on are mostly at the middle and low end of the value chain, must improve product technology, energy efficiency standards, so as to speed up the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, accelerate the high-end brand transformation.

As is known to all, guangrao county and surrounding areas are called "tire hole" because of the numerous tire enterprises, but guangrao has long been labeled as low level development, excess capacity concentration hat.

Dongying city made clear that in the future, it will focus on guangrao economic development zone and wangjing economic development zone, transform and improve the development status of rubber tire industry, and resolve to change the "low-end" hat of these two regions.

According to our understanding, dongying city will actively promote the merger and reorganization of tire enterprises and resource integration in the future, vigorously improve the concentration degree of tire industry, and strive to create 3~5 enterprises to enter the forefront of the global tire industry.

At the same time, we urge the guanggrao region to accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing, phase out low-end production capacity in an orderly manner, re-promote the application of green manufacturing technology, focus on the development of lightweight radial tires, engineering radial tires, aviation tires and other special tires, the development of green tires, snow tires, safety tires, intelligent tires and other new products for passenger vehicles.

In addition, dongying will also strongly support the research and development and application of new and high-tech rubber materials, such as light-sensitive rubber, conductive rubber, magnetic rubber, hydrophilic rubber, shape memory rubber and medical rubber, so as to lengthen the rubber industrial chain.

Dongying city government in the file finally made it clear that the future kenley area, guangrao county tire industry clusters will be the focus of the local construction content, in addition, the rubber tire industry demonstration base of shandong province (GuangRao development area), the annual output of 200000 tons of cord project, "child king" electric business platform, and China (GuangRao) international rubber tires and auto parts exhibition also as key construction projects by the government.