Dongying, Heze And Other 10 Cities Were Named And Criticized, And Were Required To Implement Stricter Environmental Protection Policies!

- Apr 11, 2019-

On March 28, reported in 2018 in shandong province local key atmospheric pollutant project completion, points out that only 6 such as Qingdao, yantai and weihai city to complete all tasks, and dongying, heze and weifang 10, a total of 30 key atmospheric governance project did not finish, the provincial government has been criticized for the rectification and ordered.

A spokesman for the competent authority said that none of the 10 urban areas mentioned above have completed their governance tasks on schedule, nor have they put forward corresponding alternative plans for pollutant emission reduction, which reflects that the relevant municipal government and functional departments do not attach enough importance to the project, the main responsibility is not implemented in place, and the organization, promotion, tracking and supervision of the project are seriously inadequate!

Shandong province in the notice pointed out that the above urban areas to clear the reasons for not completed on time and rectification measures, in particular, to strictly supervise the region's sewage enterprises, the key air pollution control projects against the development of alternative pollutant reduction program, to minimize the impact on air quality.

Environmental protection policies affect the expansion and construction of enterprises

It is understood that the shandong provincial government has previously reported the assessment of responsibility for energy conservation targets in each urban area. Dongying and linyi are classified as the basic completion level, and Qingdao, weifang and jining as the unfinished level. Relevant departments will implement the policy of delaying or limiting project approval for those cities that fail to meet the target.

Some industry insiders said that the above cities are mostly rubber cluster, if the project approval becomes very strict will affect the tire, additives and other enterprises capacity expansion, in addition, more and more frequent environmental inspection action will also make these enterprises' normal production.

Shandong environmental policy 'extremely harsh'

Recently, the environmental protection department of shandong province post of the province's inland areas will appear on February 19 ~ 22 to severe pollution in a wide range of process, dongying city government asked local all rubber tires, chemical and petrochemical, and other atmospheric pollutants discharge units are restricting output, limits and other measures, to reduce air pollutant emissions by about 15%.

In an orange pollution emergency plan issued on Nov. 22 last year, dongying said that companies such as rubber tires should take restrictive measures to reduce air pollutant emissions by about 25 percent.Guangrao county issued an orange alert emergency response at the same time, saying local companies should reduce air pollutant emissions by more than 30 percent by limiting production and emissions.

Qingdao has the strictest environmental protection restrictions. The local government stipulates that during the yellow alert period, enterprises such as tire and rubber products should suspend production of one or more production lines or key sewage treatment workshops and sections.During the orange alert period, all of the above enterprises need to stop production.

Tire companies have said that the government's production stoppage measures may affect the normal production of these enterprises, the product delivery period will affect the normal completion of the order, the unstable supply of tires will further affect the market price of products.