Ecological Environmental Protection Has Given Petrochemical Products A New Mission Of Green Consumption.

- Feb 04, 2019-

Green and sustainable development has always been the goal of petroleum and chemical industry.In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's demand for beautiful living environment, higher requirements have been put forward for the green development of petrochemical industry.Not only the production process should be green and pollution-free, but also the whole life cycle of products should be green and pollution-free.

Such as in the past, in our life, we use the plastic bags, snack box, such as product quality is not high, both production and consumption, a great influence on the environment, along with the social progress, the quality requirements of plastic bags, takeout containers, and other products for people than in the past, have a sharp rise, not only for vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and other food is organic, green to green pollution-free food packaging materials is put forward new requirements.

The petroleum and chemical industries have the ability to change the nature of substances from the molecular structure and have inherent technical advantages and governance capabilities.Many products, technologies and equipment of the petrochemical industry are closely related to the development of the environmental protection industry, and they are the main contributors to providing solutions to environmental pollution problems such as waste water treatment, waste gas treatment, solid waste treatment and soil remediation.

In the period of economic and social transformation, green development has created huge demand for environmental protection market. The petroleum and chemical industry is faced with rare opportunities and great development potential, which can form many new consumption hot spots and new economic growth points.

The pursuit of a comfortable life is also fostering a new impetus for consumption of petrochemical products.