Filling The Domestic Blank Carbon Black Technology Passed The Acceptance

- Jul 23, 2019-

On July 3, the “Carbon Black Technology Development Project for Catalytic Slurry Production Rubber” undertaken by Zhonghao Heyuan Chemical Research Institute passed the acceptance inspection by experts organized by China Petroleum Planning Institute, which marked the technology for nearly 3 years. The development of time has finally succeeded, filling the technical gap in the relevant domestic industrial fields.

The research of this project aims to develop a complete production technology for the production of rubber carbon black with catalytic oil slurry as raw material. It not only finds a more environmentally friendly utilization method for catalytic oil slurry, but also opens up a new raw material source for China's carbon black industry. Good social, environmental and economic benefits.

The acceptance will be presided over by Meng Chunxu, the leader of the expert group and senior expert of CNPC. Wang Jiagui, general manager of the Carbon Black Institute, delivered a speech, and Yang Zhiyong, deputy chief engineer of the project manager of the Carbon Black Institute, made a report.

The expert group unanimously agreed that the acceptance data submitted by the project is complete, the data is informative and credible, the goal of the project is achieved, the acceptance requirements are met, and the project is approved.

In the research and development of the project, the two central enterprises of the Carbon Black Institute and the China National Petroleum Planning Institute have collaborated across industries and cross-disciplines, setting a good example for scientific research cooperation. The two sides will continue to increase cooperation and promote the technology to achieve the transformation of results as soon as possible, and better play its comprehensive benefits.