Foreign Companies Apply To Lease Rubber Plantation For 30 Years But Thai Law May Not Allow

- Oct 29, 2018-

The Minister of Agriculture of Thailand publicly stated that he had received a document from a Thai rubber company in Shanghai, intending to lease more than 20,000 Lai Khun Fu rubber plantations in Thailand (30-year lease) and 4400 Lai Rubber Park in the Forestry Bureau. Production of rubber-made cosmeceuticals and medical supplies to help solve the problem of falling rubber prices and the loss of more than 600 million baht in Thailand's national rubber in six months.

At present, the person in charge of the national rubber has been analyzed for feasibility, but it is not certain whether the law is allowed, because foreigners are required to lease for 30 years, and the rubber plantation rented is not in the special economic zone. However, please be assured that the rubber farmers will consider the interests of rubber farmers in any case, and will strive to increase the price of rubber.