Going Out To Build A Factory To Achieve Production And Sales

- Oct 18, 2018-

In order to cope with foreign trade frictions, many tire companies have chosen to invest and build factories abroad, take advantage of the resources, labor and market advantages of the host countries to achieve local sales and increase the share of China's tires in the international market.

In fact, China's tire companies have been out for a few years. In 2011, the Saiyu Jinyu Group went out first to build a tire factory in Vietnam. Subsequently, Linglong Tire, Mori Kirin Tire, Zhongce Rubber, and Double Money Tires also set up factories in Thailand and successively put into production.

From January to July this year, production and operation showed a growth momentum, with tire production of 21.843 million, an increase of 24.60%; tire sales revenue of 7.853 billion yuan, an increase of 17.97%; total profit of 839 million yuan, an increase of 30.87%.

Going out of the enterprise from product output to capital output to brand output, the pace of internationalization of Chinese tire companies is accelerating, and the influence and competitiveness of tire brands in the international market are also constantly improving.

At present, Linglong tires have been preparing to build a second overseas base in Serbia, and tire companies such as Triangle, Guizhou Tire, Jiangsu GM, Pulin Chengshan and Zhaoqing Junhong signed an agreement with the outside world to prepare for the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia. And other countries to build factories.

Six enterprise plans can form an annual output of 44.6 million high-performance radial tires, including 6.8 million all-steel tires and 37.8 million semi-steel tires. Like the world's multinational tire companies, China's tire companies have also embarked on the internationalization of production capacity, technology, sales and brand output.