Hainan Rubber Signed A Memorandum Of Cooperation With The Previous Period

- Jun 04, 2019-

Hainan Rubber announced in the evening that in order to boost the company's state-owned state-owned enterprise reform, and actively practice corporate social responsibility, and effectively help the poor rubber farmers to get rid of poverty as soon as possible, the company recently cooperated with the Shanghai Futures Exchange to run the natural rubber variety OTC option industry poverty alleviation pilot. The project signed a cooperation memorandum.

According to the announcement, the two sides initially reached a number of consensus on the pilot project to cooperate in the operation of the natural rubber variety OTC option industry. Including the reasonable level of protection of the price of some natural rubber raw materials purchased by Hainan Rubber, in order to attract more rubber farmers to sell rubber raw materials to the acquisition point of Hainan Rubber, and strive to play the leading role and leading role of leading enterprises in poverty alleviation.

The two parties agreed that Hainan Rubber will purchase the rubber raw materials at market price. Once the OTC options generate income, they will directly subsidize the price of the rubber raw materials purchased in an appropriate manner (such as “Secondary Settlement”), that is, directly protect the rubber-cutting households. Economic income and income. In the previous period, the granting funds will be provided to the approved pilot projects, and the futures companies undertaking the projects will be given in an appropriate manner.

Hainan Rubber said that the natural rubber variety OTC option poverty alleviation pilot project is an innovation in the operation mechanism of the natural rubber “insurance + futures” model, which will help to enhance the enthusiasm of rubber farmers for tapping and rubber, and to protect the company’s raw material purchase and production. Important practical significance. The memorandum of cooperation signed by the two parties does not involve the amount, and the follow-up work needs to be further promoted. It is temporarily impossible to predict the impact on the company's operating results.