Harmless Of Rubber Auxiliaries

- Aug 16, 2017-

In the process of processing tires, rubber to undergo the process of refining, vulcanization, high-temperature, high-pressure, will release some poisonous and harmful gases. These gases impede the health of the human body. To improve the working environment of workers to reduce toxic and harmful gases, one of the important point is to eliminate the toxic and harmful rubber additives, the use of environmentally friendly rubber auxiliaries.

Tire in the use process, continue to be subjected to high temperature and pressure, causing tires ozone aging, release some harmful gases. The United States to use this point, some tire enterprises in China to set the export tire barriers. The Japanese Bridgestone Tyre company has developed a unique additive to restrain the tyre rubber from being heated by the heat in use, and to harden the tire, which improves the braking property, traction and tyre noise.

Tyre noise is also a kind of environmental pollution. On a road thousands of hundreds cars are constantly passing through, it will cause resonance, this noise will affect people's rest and sleep. It is a negative method to set up noise barriers on both sides of the urban elevated road. Fundamentally, the structure of the tyre and the rubber formula should be improved.