High-end Manufacturing Has Created New Demand For Petrochemical Consumption

- Feb 03, 2019-

High-end manufacturing is a strategic emerging industry.At present, China's high-end manufacturing industry has made great progress, and breakthroughs have been made in a number of high-end equipment, including new energy, aerospace, rail transit, Marine engineering, construction machinery and CNC machine tools.

The rapid development of high-end manufacturing industry not only puts forward urgent new demands for high-end chemical products such as new chemical materials and specialty chemicals, but also puts forward new requirements for upgrading and upgrading traditional chemical products such as coatings and rubber.

Especially foreign enterprises are also bullish on China's manufacturing industry to upgrade the supporting capacity, as well as the huge consumer market potential, BMW, Intel, Boeing, tesla, Siemens, ge and other multinational companies are increasing investment in China, high-end manufacturing industry layout, to further increase the market demand for petrochemical products, move the huge potential of petrochemical products consumption.