High-yield Nipin Company's Rubber Gloves Production Capacity Increased By More Than 20%

- Jun 05, 2019-

According to Malaysian media, Lim Kuan Shia, president and CEO of Kossan Rubber Industries, a well-known global rubber glove manufacturer, said recently that the company will build two new production plants this year. The annual production capacity of rubber gloves will increase by 20%.

It is understood that the two new plants will be built in Garlander, Selangor, with an annual output of 5.5 billion rubber gloves, which were completed and put into operation in August and December this year. By then, the annual production capacity of high-product Nikon products will increase from 26.5 billion to 32 billion, an increase of 20.8%.

President Lim Kuan Shia said the company is not worried about the sale of rubber gloves. Investment projects in Malaysia and Thailand are progressing smoothly and have not been affected by the recent US-China trade friction.

President Lim Kuan Shia said that the rubber glove industry in Malaysia will continue to expand the production capacity of rubber gloves, which will eventually account for 60% of the global rubber glove market share.