How Does The Tire Industry Respond To The Future Market With 12 Consecutive Declines In Vehicle Production?

- Jun 28, 2019-

According to the data of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from July 2018 to May this year, passenger car sales have dropped by 12 consecutive quarters, and the decline has been increasing, from -5.3% to -17.4%. However, the new energy vehicles are quite similar. Pretty.

What is wrong with the automotive industry? What will the future car look like and how should the tire industry respond?

Rong Hui, vice president of BAIC New Technology Research Institute, analyzed the development of the future automotive industry. He believes that the industrial society symbolized by traditional industries such as automobiles is probably over. China has built the last bus in the industrial era and become an important industrialized country in the world.

What will follow is the era of intelligent society! Taking the automobile industry as an example, technologies that have undergone tremendous changes in the future have existed and are widely used, and it is only a matter of time to make huge changes. For example, driverless, artificial intelligence, intelligent network, 5G/Wan Internet. In terms of driverless driving, China has become the only country in the world, and the “unattended” car of BAIC Group has been commercialized on a large scale.

Vice President Rong Hui believes that driverless vehicles will bring many changes to the automobile, upstream and downstream industries, consumers and society in terms of design, production, testing, sales, use and transportation systems. In particular, the concept of consumption will change from “ownership” to “use”, and the concentration of automobile manufacturers will be greatly improved. Design will also bring innovation, about one-third of the suppliers will be cut off, the steering wheel, lights, etc. will no longer be there, and the tires will continue to be retained!

"Where is the head of the horse, the peak of the sunset," said Vice President Rong Hui, the future of the automobile industry and the tire industry is bright, and it is necessary to seize the opportunity of great changes and find its place in the intelligent society.

If Vice President Rong Hui describes what the future car will look like, then David Zanzig, vice president of product development and quality for Goodyear Asia Pacific, brings us the future trends in tires and their concept tires. The design and ideas made.

David Zanzig said that Goodyear has undergone many social changes since its establishment more than 120 years ago. It is not expected that drone driving will come much faster than imagined. He also believes that the future society will usher in the change of shared travel, autonomous driving, connected technology, electric vehicles (abbreviated as FACE).

Standing at the turning point of the times, Goodyear is actively connecting with traditional companies and start-ups to provide unique predictive tire service solutions for fleets, self-driving cars and other mobile travel.

For example, David Zanzig introduced that the Goodyear pilot explored the OLLI car project for unmanned buses and worked with Tesloop to install wireless sensors inside its tires, bringing its expertise and experience in tire management to semi-automatic driving. Help the electric fleet to operate efficiently.

In the test of concept tires, Goodyear also has breakthrough ideas, which is expected to change the future of autonomous vehicle technology. For example, the Goodyear Eagle-360 spherical concept tire, the IntelliGrip concept tire launched in 2016, and the Oxygene concept tire exhibited in 2018 all broke the traditional mindset and set up an innovative experimental platform for future technological development.

Even more shocking is that David Zanzig played a video similar to a science fiction film. Goodyear envisions the emergence of a flying car in the future. The tire can both drive on the road and help the flight.

This is a subversive concept, looking forward to the future development of science and technology, to achieve this beautiful desire. But these are undoubtedly conveying a fact to the people: the future is full of infinite reverie, but no matter how the space we depend on, how the future travel mode changes, tires are essential.

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