Importers Slow Down Procurement,Future Rubber Decline May Be Slowing Down

- Nov 15, 2018-

Because the tire manufacturers have a pessimistic attitude towards the demand for new vehicles in the later period, their willingness to replenish the raw materials of Tianjiao is not strong, which also drags down the importers to slow down the procurement pace. According to statistics, in September China's natural rubber imports amounted to 209,800 tons, not only decreased by 11.70%, but also decreased by 8.05%. Although the slowdown in the import of natural rubber has reduced the stock inventory pressure to a certain extent, the natural inventories of Qingdao Bonded Zone have fallen sharply by about 100,000 tons since mid-September, but the main reason is due to customs policies. The inventory of the bonded area declined, and the part of the warehouse was transferred to the outside of the zone. The explicit inventory turned into recessive, which was not the substantial benefit brought by the large increase in consumption. In summary, the late rubber market is still facing the negative impact of weak demand, while the inventory pressure is still relatively large, but in the vicinity of the production zone and the signs of the easing of Sino-US trade relations, the future rubber price decline It will slow down, but there is still a lack of rebound opportunities. It is expected that the Hujiao 1901 contract will build a new oscillating platform at 11,000-11500 yuan/ton.