In 2020, Linglong Tire Is Expected To Join The Global Top 10!

- Jan 28, 2019-

It is understood that the first phase of the extension project of linglong tire factory in liuzhou has basically reached the production in October 2018, which has brought the new production capacity of 5 million semi-steel radial tires to the company. According to relevant data calculation, by the end of 2018, the total production capacity of linglong tire has reached 57 million semi-steel tires and 8 million all-steel tires.

In addition, another part of liuzhou linglong's phase 1 extension project -- 1 million all-steel tires -- will be put into production in the first half of 2019.The phase iii project of the Thailand factory was also officially launched in March 2018. The annual output of 4 million high-performance tires in the new factory will be an important increment of its performance in 2019.The new jingmen plant, which started construction in July of the same year, has a total designed production capacity of 14.46 million, of which 3.4 million semi-steel tires and 1.2 million all-steel tires will be put into production in the first half of 2019.

Excluding the pending Serbian project, linglong's total production capacity is expected to reach a staggering 74.6 million units in 2019.The company's Serbian project will take 18 months to build, meaning the overseas base will be ready for production by 2020.By then, the annual capacity of linglong tire can reach nearly 90 million pieces, basically doubling the production capacity compared with 2016. The company is also expected to officially enter the top ten tire enterprises in the world.

It is reported that linglong tire has built a tire intelligent manufacturing and research and development base recently, which shows the company's determination to transform to green, intelligent and high-end. The project is expected to complete the first phase of the project in 2020, which will help linglong tire improve efficiency and reduce costs, and further improve its brand image and comprehensive competitiveness.