In The Spring, The Accelerant Is Struggling

- Apr 08, 2019-

Since 2018, accelerators have been on a continuous downward trend of vibration. Even in the spring season of this year, the decline of accelerators is still large, whether it is intermediate M of acid-base process and solvent process, or downstream accelerators CBS and NS, the decline is relatively large.So why exactly?

The price of CBS shows a continuous fluctuating downward trend, from a high of 32000 yuan/ton in early January last year to a fluctuating low of 24,000 yuan/ton in January this year, a decline of 25%.

After the Spring Festival in 2019, the price of accelerant still showed a downward trend, especially after the beginning of march, the price of accelerant further increased, among which the price of accelerant CBS dropped from 23,900 yuan/ton at the end of February to 21,900 yuan/ton in the middle of march, and the decline within half a month expanded by another 8.4%.

So what is the main reason for the recent sharp decline in accelerators?

  As a big supplier of rubber chemicals in North America market, Shenyang Sunnyjoint believes that there are mainly three reasons:

A while after entering march, the construction level of tires and other rubber products recovery, but the overall demand for promoting the agent is limited, especially some tire enterprises first reserves of raw materials inventory still haven't finish digest, then the tire business in a new round of procurement cycles, to promote the agent with the enthusiasm is not high, markets wait-and-see posture.

Second, the production of accelerant began after the holiday also gradually resumed, especially some large accelerant production enterprises, after the holiday inventory has accumulated.But the market is bearish under the influence of agent shipments.

Thirdly, the export of promoters is blocked.The proportion of exports of accelerators is above 50%, especially the proportion of exports of large accelerators manufacturers is relatively high, and the exports are mainly to the United States.But last year, under the influence of sino-us trade potential forecast of high tariffs the United States of accelerator mass stock from China suppliers, lead to after the Spring Festival in 2019, the United States is given priority to with digestion for inventory before Spring Festival, import promoter's enthusiasm greatly reduced, stunt promoter of China's export growth, part of accelerator slow-moving domestic for export.

According to Shenyang Sunnyjoint,In the short term, accelerators still face multiple pressures. First, under the influence of falling prices, the profit space of accelerators is likely to be compressed.Second, under the influence of relevant policies, some production enterprises of promoters will start operation or operate at a low level, and the benefits of large-scale production will be reduced.Third, the tire and other products industry on the promoter demand pull or not big, the market is still bearish mentality.