Introduction Of Rubber Additives Knowledge Popularization

- Apr 29, 2019-


In the top 20 countries in global rubber consumption, rubber consumption reached about 25 million tons, accounting for about 90%. China accounts for one-third of the total, while Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and other asia-pacific regions are growing rapidly. The demand for rubber auxiliaries is usually about 5% of the consumption of rubber. According to this ratio, the global demand for rubber auxiliaries in 2018 is about 1.4 million tons.

2.Status of industry

(1)Product upgrade, green and high performance.

(2)Industrial concentration has been continuously improved, with the top 20 enterprises according for more than 80%.

(3)The threshold for investment and construction of new factories will be raised, and investment in safety and environmental protection will be increased.

(4)Orderly progress was made in green manufacturing. Green tire technical specifications have been issued, environmental supervision has been strengthened in recent years, and environmental taxes will be levied in 2018.

(5)Intelligent automation direction is clear, the larger factories have been leading.

3.Industry development

(1)Standard specifications: rubber additives products line standards, national standards continue to standardize the launch.

(2)Development speed: rubber additives products are mainly used in the automotive and tire rubber products industry, the industry cycle and the rubber products industry cylce is basically consistent, the global demand for rubber additives will maintain a growth rate of about 3%.

(3)Development direction: pay attention to environmental protection, promote clean technology and develop environment protection products;  Industry agglomeration and sustainable development.

(4)China as the center: by 2018, China has become a major producer and consumer of rubber additives, accounting for more than 70% of the global production and more than 30% of the total output.