Jiatong Tire Opens 2018 Results

- Apr 18, 2019-

On April 17, Jiatong Tire Co., Ltd. disclosed its performance in 2018. The company's annual operating income was 3.369 billion yuan, slightly lower than the previous year's 3.458 billion yuan, and the annual net profit was 88.843 million yuan. Compared with the previous year's 61.108 million yuan, it increased by 45.39%. SJiatong said that although the company's operating income declined in 2018, it effectively optimized the product structure during the reporting period, and the average selling price of tires has been improved.

In addition, the average price of raw materials in 2018 was also lower than that of the previous year. The gross profit of products under the combined effect increased from 12.49% in the previous year to 16.17%, an increase of 3.68 percentage points.

"China Rubber" learned that the company's tire production in 2018 was 151.24 million, tire sales were 150.702 million, 3000 steel / day capacity of all steel production line utilization rate of 89%, 56,000 / day capacity of semi-steel The line utilization rate is 71%.

The person in charge of the company said that they will adhere to the development strategy of sustainable and stable operation in the future, and provide excellent products and professional services to the market. However, as the competition with international tire companies increases, market competition still exists. Increased risk.