Jilin Petrochemical Strives To Build China's Most Competitive Ethylene-propylene Rubber

- Feb 21, 2019-

Jilin Petrochemical Company has three sets of ethylene-propylene rubber units with a total production capacity of 85,000 tons/year. As the birthplace of China's ethylene-propylene rubber, Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene-propylene rubber plant has developed a complete set of process technology through the digestion and absorption of imported technology and independent innovation for many years. In the face of difficulties in the industry, it has taken the strength of the 100-meter sprint and the perseverance of the marathon. Against the trend, it is difficult to overcome difficulties, and the ethylene-propylene equipment has gradually moved to a new stage of high-quality development.

Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene-propylene rubber equipment adheres to the quality goal of “high-grade binary glue and high-quality ternary rubber”, adhering to the development idea of “production first generation, development first generation, reserve generation”, long-term production J-0010, J-0050 , J-2070, J-4045, J-3080 (P) 5 basic brands, development of P-0680, X-0150 2 new grades, to achieve the second pellet products of Jilin Petrochemical Company and high-end binary rubber grade Production, reserve two target grades of J-2034P and J-5105, and expand application fields such as medium voltage cable and foam sponge. At present, Jilin Petrochemical Company can produce binary block materials, binary pellets, ternary block materials, ternary pellets, ternary nitrogen-filled block ethylene-propylene rubber and other products, covering lubricating oil, wire and cable, waterproof coiled materials, More than ten application areas such as sealing strips and automobile tires. The performance of some binary rubber indicators is close to or exceeds the foreign monopoly grades, and gradually enters the high-end lubricant market. Some ternary rubber grades are applied in high-tech fields such as aerospace, and the products are exported.

Jilin Petrochemical's ethylene-propylene plant continuously refines the work of switching grades, optimizes production scheduling, and rationally overhauls. In 2018, the ethylene-propylene C2 line hexane refining unit was completed and put into use, further enhancing the long-term operation capability of single-brand. The actual production of ethylene-propylene equipment has increased year by year, and the increase in production capacity has led to an overall reduction in energy consumption. In 2018, the annual comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene-propylene C units decreased by 26.4% compared with 2016.

In terms of product quality management, the trial narrowed the index management, and narrowed down from the process index control to the product qualification judgment indicators. J-4045 vanadium content qualified judgment index from 20ppm to 6ppm, so that J-4045 grade can fully meet the requirements of wire and cable industry. The J-3080 brand Mooney index is controlled from the midline ±5, narrowed to the midline ±2 control, the index is narrowed by 60%, and the product processing stability has been greatly improved. The molecular weight distribution of J-0010 grades has dropped from 2 to below 2, and the trace water standard has been proposed to further adapt the J-0010 grade from the internal index to the apparent quality to meet the requirements of high-end lubricants. Through the creative implementation of the comprehensive quality control of ethylene-propylene rubber "water, point, color, shape, taste", the product quality has been further upgraded, and won the trust of the market and users.