JSR Announced That It Will Raise The Price Of Synthetic Rubber From 21 October

- Oct 31, 2018-

Recently, Japanese manufacturer JSR announced that it will raise the price of synthetic rubber and other products from October 21.

The price of styrene-butadiene rubber under the company of JSR will increase by at least 916.6 yuan per ton, 977.7 yuan/ton for SBR and isoprene rubber, 672.1 yuan/ton for high styrene rubber, 1222.9 yuan/ton for NBR and NBR powder, and 1100.6 yuan/ton for epdm.

Rising oil and naphtha prices since 2017 have raised the cost of primary and secondary raw materials for synthetic rubber, JSR said.The rising cost of utilities and transportation is also driving up prices for synthetic rubber products.

In late September, alenco announced that it would raise the price of its epdm rubber products, depending on the region, according to China rubber.

The price of EPDM products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa rose by 100 euros per ton from Sept. 18.

The price of EPDM products in Latin America rose by $120 a tonne from October 1.

Since October 18, EPDM products in North America have gained $0.05 per pound.

It follows a price hike of 125 euros per ton for the EPDM products manufactured by alencinco in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from June 18, 2018. In Latin America, the price hike is $150 per ton.

In January, alenco announced it would raise EPDM prices by 125 euros per ton in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to Sunnyjoint, tire manufacturers at home and abroad have recently announced price increases, and in the notice of price increases, the price of synthetic rubber has increased pressure on their cost control.