Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory Has Taken Measures To Manage The Operation Of Environmental Protection Equipment

- Apr 16, 2019-

Since the beginning of this year, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory has continued to increase the daily process operation and equipment operation management of the plant, and opened environmental protection devices to ensure the safety of the ring. In the first quarter, the pass rate of six indicators of COD and circulating water discharged from Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Plant was 100%.

Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory water car room includes refrigeration, air compressor, circulating water, first-class sewage, 1# pollution, water supply and heating, Sijiqing buffer station and other environmental protection devices, distributed rubber factory in the east, west and north, bearing the rubber factory The supply and production equipment life of various public works systems, the treatment of industrial sewage and the discharge of standards.

This factory has always adhered to high standards, strict requirements, fine management, and re-implementation as the goal of safety and environmental management. The factory and workshop management and technical personnel attach great importance to the safety and environmental protection of each set of equipment, and lead the majority of cadres and staff to pass the management on the daily basis, and go deep into the installation site, insisting on the “first question responsibility system” and “cadre walker”. The management advantage is to transfer the responsibility concept of safety and environmental protection and the environmental protection production task of the workshop to the team, position and individual employees. The Party Branch of Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory uses the party members' "three joint demonstration points", "leading cadre responsibility area", post charter area and other activities to find out the problems that are inconsistent with clean and environmental protection in terms of equipment, technology and safety. On-site solution. The production process department will focus on the bottlenecks of some devices, such as running leaks, smooth control of process indicators, high energy consumption and other energy consumption. The workshop will be notified at the production scheduling meeting, and will be released on the workshop TM platform. Publicity and assessment shall be carried out, and the management personnel of the workshop shall go to the site to implement the rectification situation, and the management regulations of the workshop shall be implemented at all levels.