Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory Installation And Maintenance Entered The Peak Of The Main Battle

- May 16, 2019-

As of May 12, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory started construction of 487 major overhaul projects in 2019, accounting for 43.02% of the total projects, of which 7 companies and 6 plant-level key projects started, and the maintenance of each device entered the peak period of the main battle.

In the process of equipment maintenance, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory took the initiative to make the goal of “four good, six guarantees and one realization” for the overhaul. Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory strictly controls the time limit and quality of inspection materials into the factory, clarifies the division of labor and responsibilities of management, professional technology and operation, and scientifically and rationally arranges on-site cross-construction operations to ensure that the overhaul progress of the installation is controlled; Tolerate the requirements of the ten red lines, starting from the basic management of ticket handling, security call and on-site inspection and inspection, and formulating safety control measures in combination with the actual conditions of maintenance, fully implementing the requirements of “five inaccurate and fifteen preventions”, and ensuring maximum maintenance. In terms of maintenance quality control, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory adopts the acceptance method of “stop checkpoint”, according to the maintenance construction node, and checks and accepts the quality inspection and acceptance according to the project acceptance list to ensure smooth operation and long-term operation of the large inspection and repair device.

Since May, the weather in Lanzhou has changed. Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory has responded positively to the abnormal weather caused by recent strong winds and rains, and has coordinated the indoor and outdoor maintenance projects to formulate a response to severe weather. Emergency plan, prepare emergency materials in advance, and do on-site emergency prevention measures to effectively avoid the impact of extreme weather on maintenance progress. It is understood that Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory has completed 153 maintenance projects, and the inspection and inspection tasks of 36 pressure vessels, 27427.9 meters pipelines and 301 safety valves have been successfully completed as planned.