Major Breakthroughs In Key Technologies For Synthetic Rubber Industrialization

- Mar 04, 2019-

Recently, I learned from the Petrochemical Research Institute that the “Key Technologies for Synthetic Rubber Industrialization”, which is led by the institute to undertake national key R&D projects, has achieved initial results.

In the core technical fields such as star-type branched butyl/bromobutyl rubber synthesis and double-B tire preparation technology, major technological breakthroughs have been realized, and the service life of butyl-vulcanized capsules has increased by more than 17% on the basis of the original, and domestic tires have been promoted. The flow resistance and wet skid resistance double-entry into the B-class standard will increase the proportion of synthetic rubber materials in tire preparation by more than 15%, which will promote China's synthetic rubber and tire industry to rank among the world's most popular, for synthetic rubber and The supply side reform and high quality development of the tire industry provides a “package” of technical solutions.

Butyl rubber is the most airtight rubber material. Star-type branched butyl rubber/bromobutyl rubber is a rubber type that is urgently needed to improve the life of vulcanized capsules and thinner the inner liner during the high-end process of China's tire industry. However, the production technology is difficult, and there are no mature star-type branching technologies and products in China. At the same time, the backwardness of processing technology has caused the domestic tire industry to lag behind foreign countries. Domestically produced tires are two to three grades worse than foreign advanced double-B tires.

In order to reverse the passive situation of the domestic synthetic rubber industry, “big but not strong” and improve the market competitiveness of China's tire industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology for the first time listed the “key technologies for synthetic rubber industrialization” into the national key research and development plan, and opened the tire industry chain. The bottleneck has risen to the national major industry special project.