Melting Point Detection Method

- Jun 17, 2019-

1. Fully automatic melting point instrument ( take wrs-3 instrument as an example)

1.1 Capillary tube is used for sample injection. Capillary tube specification: inner diameter is about 0.9-1.1mm and wall thickness is about 0.1-0.15mm.

1.2 Heating mode: electric heating. The initial melting point is shown by light passing through the melted sample.

1.3 Degree of automation: fully automatic test, showing melting point value or melting curve.

1.4 Factors affecting melting point results: there will be errors between different automatic melting point instruments.

1.5 Device: see the picture below

1.6 The initial melting point of unified sample MBT detected by automatic melting point instrument is generally 179-182℃.

2. DSC differential scanning calorimeter

2.1 Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is to observe the function of the heat flow difference between the sample and the reference material with temperature or time under the temperature controlled by the program. Widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, food, medicine, biological organisms, inorganic materials, metal materials and composites and other fields.

Device: see the picture below