Mixing Rubber Companies Meet For The First Time To Discuss Future Development

- Jun 24, 2019-

On June 19th, the first mixed rubber technology summit forum and the proposed mixing rubber business unit conference were successfully held in Suzhou. More than 200 representatives from the upstream and downstream industries of the rubber compound participated in the meeting.

Yang Fuyun, chairman of the Rubber Materials Committee of China Rubber Industry Association and general manager of Guangdong Guangsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech that as the country's environmental protection requirements continue to improve, many rubber products companies have processed rubber compounds and produced The rubber compound industry has further promoted the increasingly refined division of the rubber industry in China.

Fan Rende, honorary president of China Rubber Industry Association, believes that there are several development trends in the future rubber compound industry. First, improve the performance and quality of existing products to reduce raw material consumption and extend product life; second, change product form, meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing of rubber industry, improve quality and efficiency; third, expand the use of thermoplastic elastomers and resins, increase The recycling and utilization of waste rubber; the fourth is to develop and cultivate natural rubber, such as eucommia rubber, dandelion rubber, etc., to alleviate the dependence of natural rubber on imports; the fifth is to develop bio-based materials instead of synthetic materials, and gradually reduce dependence on fossil resources; It is the development and application of new rubber materials with special functions.

Zhu Bin, general manager of Jiangsu Guanlian New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the current situation and development of China's rubber compound industry. He pointed out that China's rubber compound industry is in the middle stage of development. There are still some problems in environmental protection, price and brand awareness. In the future, the rubber compound industry will develop towards centralized, automation, environmental protection, digitalization and intelligence.

Liu Jun, R&D engineer of Tianjin Zhonghe Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. shared a report entitled “Production Process and Formulation Design of Environmentally Friendly Low Odor Sealing Products for Passenger Cars”.

Ji Yinxiu, senior research and development engineer of Wuxi Yibeihe Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed the factors affecting the stability of the rubber compound, as well as the solutions to the common problems in the production process of the rubber compound and the common problems such as bubbles, lack of materials and blooming.

After the meeting, the delegates visited the cement mixing plant of Jiangsu Guanlian New Material Technology Co., Ltd.