Mr. Dao Ren’an Imported 8000 Pcs Brazilian Three-leaf Rubber Saplings. Built Our First Rubber Garden.

- Nov 02, 2018-

China planted natural rubbers since 1904.

Mr. Dao Ren’an imported 8000 pcs Brazilian three-leaf rubber saplings. Built our first rubber garden.


Two years later, Hainan Island patriotic overseas Chinese He Shulin, from Malaysia to introduce 4000 rubber seeds, planted in Hainan Qionghai, Zhanzhou area. Later, some patriotic overseas Chinese, but also in some parts of Guangdong planted some rubber trees, but the number of small. By 1949, after 45 years dismally, planted only natural rubber 4. 20,000 MU, annual production of 200 tons of dry glue.

In 1960s, qty was about 700 0000MU, qty is 10 0000tons