Officially Opened! Malaysia's First Chinese-funded Tire Factory

- Mar 21, 2019-

On March 18th, Jinma Rubber Co., Ltd., a Malaysian production base invested by Qingdao Fulin Tire Co., Ltd., held the opening ceremony. The latter is also the first tire factory of a Chinese-funded enterprise in Malaysia. There are 3 million semi-steel tires and 500,000 full-steel tires.

Liu Zijin, chairman of Fulin Tire, said that Jinma Rubber is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the company. It is also the first all-steel tire production line in Malaysia. The production base was officially put into operation at the end of last year. So far, the company has owned With a production capacity of 10 million tires and 1 million passenger tires, the product specifications are mainly concentrated at 13 to 34 inches.

According to the insider, the local government and financial institutions in Malaysia paid great attention to the production project of Fulin Tire. On the opening day, representatives from the market were sent to express their support. Fulin Tire also introduced the production and operation of the factory to the visitors.

"China Rubber" learned that the Fulin Tire Malaysia factory project was officially launched in October 2016 and was officially completed in 2 years. In addition, the company set up its first tire production base in Qingdao, China in 2006 - Qingdao Fulun Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the public information, Fulin Tire is a multinational group company integrating tire research and development, production and domestic and foreign trade. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for ten consecutive years, and 90% of its products are exported. Annual sales reached $400 million.