Plastic Additive SI69

- Jan 29, 2019-

SI69 is a rubber and plastic additive



First, mainly used for radial tires, large engineering tires, rubber rollers, footwear and so on. This product has special reinforcing function and adhesive performance, which can improve the vulcanization characteristics of the rubber compound, resist the reversion properties, tear resistance and reduce wear.

Second, the main raw materials: ethanol, sodium polysulfide, L (pochloropropyl triethoxysilane)

Third, the main equipment: enamel kettle Im3 / Taiwan, 3m3 / Taiwan (for distillation of ethanol), condenser, filter, mixer, granulator, belt dryer

Fourth, the cost: about 13,000 yuan / ton (solid), (if the liquid product 19000 cost yuan / ton, the price of 36,000 yuan / ton)

Five, the price: about 23,000 yuan / ton

Six or three wastes: by-product l8% hydrochloric acid, 2.5 tons / ton Si-69

We supply two type Si69 liquid.