Plasticizer: Price Center Of Gravity Of Main Plasticzer Product Or Continue To Move Downward

- May 13, 2019-

In April, although the international crude oil futures overall continues to rise, but the plasticizer industry chain and related raw materials such as weak downtrend is given priority to, main plasticizers DOP, DOTP, DBP in major market decline between 1.85% and 4.62%, plasticizer products fall was mainly affected by two aspects: first, the raw material of butyl octyl alcohol, phthalic anhydride, such as market prices decline, plasticizer cost support. Secondly, some small and medium-sized enterprises are limited in starting construction, the average starting load of terminal PVC products industry is not high, the performance of plasticezer market just needs to be general, in addition to the weak exists, cautions and wait-and-see, except for a short shipment improved, most of the time trading flat.

On the demand side, there is no obvious increase in the starting load of downstream PVC products enterprises, no obvious improvement in the market demand for plasticizers, or the overall continuation of the flat situation. In terms of cost, it can be seen from table 2 that in the first ten years of the year, the market of main raw materials phthalic anhydride and butanol is weak, while the plasticizer cost support is insufficient. In the second ten days of the year, although the market of phthalic anhydride is expected to rebound at a low level, the range remains to be seen,To sum up, the price center of gravity of DOP, DOTP and DBP, the major plascizer products in May, all showed a downward trend, and the downward trend should pay attention to the change range of raw material price.