Prospects For The Development Of Rubber Additives Industry In 2018

- Oct 09, 2018-

In 2018, the biggest difficulty in the rubber auxiliaries industry is still the impact of the environmental protection wave. Under such environmental protection policies, enterprises will increase their production capacity and the cycle will be longer. Therefore, it is difficult to effectively solve the problem when supply is tight. the technical threshold of the industry has increased, and the cost of environmental protection has increased, so the price of rubber additives will rise back to a reasonable area.


Figure 1 Annual growth trend of total output of rubber additives (member statistics)

According to the development forecast of China's automobile industry and the development trend of rubber products industry such as tire industry, we predict that the total output of rubber additives in 2018 will be: 1.28 million tons in the country (1.2 million tons of member membership), an increase of 4.9% year-on-year (members of the association growth of 5.3%).

Looking forward to the development trend of the rubber additives industry in 2018, we predict that the main basis for the annual growth rate of around 5% is:

(1) The automobile industry is still maintaining a good growth area, and related industries will continue to develop in a stable and stable manner. Among them, the rigid demand for rubber products in the transportation industry, coal industry and manufacturing industry still exists;

(2) The position of China's rubber additives in the world has been stabilized. The research and development of rubber accelerator cleaning production technology has been at the world's leading level. The concentration of rubber additives has been very high. Many brands have international influence, 2018 The export volume of rubber additives is expected to continue to rise steadily;

(3) As the total production base has been large and the annual growth has entered a small maturity period, we predict that the output growth in 2018 will be around 5%.

In 2018, China's rubber auxiliaries should continue to develop steadily, and the rubber auxiliaries industry will gradually become stronger and stronger. It is still necessary to continue to make breakthroughs in green clean production, high-end products and enterprise scale intensification, automation, informationization and modern management.