Protective System Auxiliaries

- Apr 10, 2019-

1.1 Chemical anti-aging agent

P-phenylenediamine anti-aging agents can be divided into dialkyl p-phenylenediamine, di-aryl-phenylenediamine and alkyl aryl p-phenylenediamine according to the groups attached to p-phenylenediamine. The main varieties of dialkyl p-phenylenediamine anti-aging agents are 4030 and 288. The anti-aging agent 4030 is easy to disperse, has a large solubility in rubber, and has no frosting problem when the dosage is large. It can accelerate vulcanization and shorten the burning time of the mixed rubber. Excellent protection effect against static ozone aging, which is obviously better than the anti-aging agent 4010NA and 4020 with excellent anti-ozone aging performance, especially suitable for outdoor rubber products such as wires and cables, rubber pipes and tapes under long-term static conditions. The main varieties of alkyl aryl p-phenylenediamine anti-aging agents include 4010, 4010NA, 4020 and H. Antiager 4020 varieties of the rubber consumption is the largest stabilizer, the aging of the ozone aging and flexible crack has good protective effect, the aging of the hot oxygen aging and weather also has a good protective effect, and the base metal have passivaton effect, suitable for NR, BR, SBR, NBR, and CR, and paraffin (especially with a mixture of branched chain wax and microcrystalline wax) and use, can enhance the static protection. Compared with the anti-aging agent 4010NA, the anti-aging agent 4020 has better water extraction resistance and can achieve the effect of long-term protection.